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Evening Primrose Oil For Skin Health

What Is Evening Primrose?

The plant, native to North America, has yellow flowers that open at night. That's how it got its name. Traditionally, Native Americans used different parts of the plant, like the leaves and roots, for medicine. Evening primrose oil comes from the seeds.

How is it used?

The oil has an omega-6 fatty acid, gamma-linolenic acid, which is also found in black currant and borage oils. It may help your body fight inflammation, among other possible effects. It's usually sold in capsule form, and you take it by mouth. People sometimes break the capsules and put the oil directly on their skin. You can also buy bottles of liquid oil.

Help reduce wrinkles

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is found in evening primrose oil, is known to have a multitude of skin benefits including smoothing wrinkles. The potent level of antioxidants in evening primrose helps to neutralize free radicals, which protect the skin from oxidation in living tissue..The inclusion of this nourishing ingredient in skin care is known to help with smoothing roughness, too. Many skin experts recommend applying evening primrose oil to your face and neck regularly and even taking primrose supplements twice a day for flawless, youthful looking skin.

Evening primrose oil is well known for its ability to soothe and moisturise dry skin, improving skin texture as it nourishes rough, scaly areas. It can also reduce redness and irritation, relieving inflammation and encouraging the healing process. It’s no surprise then that it’s a staple ingredient in products for an array of skin complaints.


Evening primrose oil is rich in fatty acids, which are renowned for their impressive emollient benefits and their ability to soothe the skin. Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is one such compound and is an Omega-6 fatty acid which is found in beneficial quantities in evening primrose oil. GLA has been shown to reduce the level of inflammatory proteins in the body, improving inflammatory conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


Evening primrose oil is a fantastic oil for all skin types. Its nourishing, moisturising properties benefit dry skin, while its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties benefit acne-prone skin.

According to a 2005 study, oral supplementation of EPO helps smooth skin and improve its:

  • elasticity

  • moisture

  • firmness

  • fatigue resistance

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