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Definition of Micro-Needling and Advantages

The tiny needle punctures are interpreted as injuries by your body, and it rushes growth factors, collagen, and elastin to the scene to repair and regrow skin and tissue. That is why the procedure is also known as collagen induction therapy. It is less expensive, more effective, and has fewer side effects than other alternative therapies.

This popular treatment plumps and thickens your skin while also providing a number of other remarkable benefits, such as:

Reduces Scars

Microneedling can help reduce scars from accidents or acne by breaking down scar tissue and stimulating collagen to backfill the pockmarks. A series of micro-needling sessions can be used to restore hydration and elasticity to scar tissue and reduce its overall appearance. Acne scars that are raised respond better to micro-needling than those that are indented or depressed.

Minimizes Wrinkles

As you get older, your collagen and elastin production naturally decreases. That is why micro-needling is such an effective method of combat. It activates your body's natural healing mechanisms, causing it to produce more skin-firming collagen and elastin. The treatment firms, tones, and tightens your skin, leaving it smooth and supple.

Rejuvenates Skin

Your skin regains its bounce and vitality with the addition of new collagen and elastin. Your skin appears smooth, hydrated, and healthy because the new layers have not been exposed to the sun, wind, or time.

Eradicates Sun Damage

Microneedling is extremely effective at lightening and reversing hyperpigmentation and sun damage. This is due to the power of collagen production and its ability to repair and restore your skin. Some research suggests that micro-needling is the most effective treatment for sun spots and we have also found with our clients that pigmented sun damaged skin seems dramatic improvement over a few session with micro-needling. We have been prescribing Vitamin A, C and a multi B complex to further enhance the microneedling results - Speak to us in salon about what skincare you should be considering for the optimal results from your skin needling appointments

Reduces Discoloration

If you have a melanin imbalance that is causing discoloration and pigment irregularities, studies have shown that micro-needling generates a new layers of skin. The new layer would be more uniform in color and texture, displacing the dark spots and marks.

Consider micro-needling if you want soft, smooth skin with a luminous glow. It is now available at our salon, and you can schedule an appointment by calling us. Thank you for your visit! Melbourne Skin Needling | Micro-Needling Melbourne | Advanced Skin Care Melbourne Lash Factory | Rare Lash Factory | The Face Lab

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