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Preparing Your Skin For Spring

Spring is upon us! (Apparently) Time to dust off your short sleeve tops, skirts & dresses! But how is your skin holding up, We have had ISO as well as a LONNGGG winter right!?

So, How to transition skin from winter to summer ? We have put together a few simple tips to get your skin on point this season. Brace yourself for skin freak-outs- Phasing out any moisturizers with petrolatum or oils, & switching to a more water-based (lighter!) formula. For body consider switching over the the Moroccan Body Butter which is light enough for all seasons.

Keep exfoliating- Don’t stop believing in exfoliating! As well as keeping your skin smooth & youthful it also tightens the skin & keeps the lymph system clean from toxins (Good bye celulite!) In the summer, you’ll be shedding more dry skin — and exfoliating will increase skin-cell turnover, which will keep skin looking glow-y and help prevent dead skin from clogging your pores. Exfoliating one to two times a week is a great rule of thumb

Don’t get lazy about the SPF- During spring and summer months, your skin care should shift from repairing to prevention.That includes wearing an SPF with a minimum of 30 and using a hydrating serum. I recommend using a primer, BB cream or foundation that contains an SPF that way you will never be caught out without it on! For a hydrating serum that can be used both day (under makeup after your water based moisturiser) & night we recommend The Ordinary Squalene Oil. For less than $14 The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane is a lightweight plant-derived solution to support healthy hydration. One of our FAVS and absolute MUST HAVES for all seasons!

Add cream to your makeup- During the summer, wearing heavy foundation and powder makes your skin look heavy & blocks your pours.  Try mixing your regular base with your daily moisturiser. Not only will it look lighter & more sheer it will stretch out your makeup too! For areas that need more coverage use concealer & use your fingers to buff it out! Using your fingers to apply your product is a great way to melt the product and blend it into a sheer base without too much effort

Balance out your makeup- Accept that you are always going to look a little shiny this spring. Balance out the shiny look in your T-zone with light, velvety lip textures. Experiment with patting lipsticks on with your fingers to get a transparent, but still pigmented, look.

Consider a spray tan- Now your skin is in amazing condition why not treat yourself to a spray tan. Stocking a range of professional solutions we will have the perfect product for your skin type & desired result. Melbourne Eyelash Artist | Eyelash Extensions Melbourne| Melbourne Eyelash Extensions | Melbourne Spray Tan Salon|Spray Tans| Melbourne Tans |St kilda Spray Tans |Tan salon St Kilda | Ripponlea Spray Tan | Ripponlea Eyelash Salon | Eyelash Extensions

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Lorence Freddick
Lorence Freddick
Apr 25, 2022

Hi... I am so conscious about my skincare and always do follow a daily regime suggested by my esthetician at EM's Esthetics in Kitsilano, Vancouver. The tips you explained in article are also amazing and I will definitely try them. Thank you for sharing a good content.

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