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Why spend money on a professional eyelash lift when you can do it at home?

Hi guys, thank you for dropping into my new Lash Factory blog. I don't know about you by I have seen some strange strange ads popping up on my social feeds recently. I was horrified when I saw some unknown companies doing viral marketing selling home eyelash lifting kits.

Lets do a quick Q&A about this topic:

Are they safe?

Who knows? Who are these companies? Are their formulas FDA approved, cruelty free? Your guess is as good as mine, but for something as precious as your eyes why risk it? Lash Factory uses Australian products and solutions for their lash lifting. All products are cruelty free and have never been tested on animals. Do home lash lifting kits really work? Can you perm your own eyelashes?

Well, Sure you can! You can also bleach and perm your own hair but would you ever have a go? It would be darn brave let me tell you.

Eyelash lift involves using a specifically formulated PERMING solution. You are essentially perming your lashes, with your eyes open and with little/no experience or training.

Before applying any lash lift formulas Lash Factory spends a fair amount of time brushing the lashes up straight onto the rod. Perfect setting of the lashes is important since this is where your lashes will set to. (and this is where they will sit for the next 6-8 weeks) Its tricky/impossible to set your own eyelashes up onto a rode by yourself with your eyes open.

A few of the risks?

- Lashes set all over the place for the next two months

- Over processed lashes will appear to be frizzy and curly

- Damaging the eye with chemicals

- injury with lash lifting tools I would certainly not recommend performing this kind of procedure on yourself at home. Come in, treat yourself to a professional eyelash lift it really does make the world of difference.

Thanks guys.

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