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Eyelashes - Preparation & Aftercare

Preparation for your appointment

Please come to your appointment wearing no eye makeup whatsoever. If you have been wearing bar lashes please be sure to cleanse and remove any residual glue from your lashes. It is advisable to use oil-free cleaners when preparing for your Lash appointment as oily cleansers or moisturiser applied on the eyes may affect the curing of the lash glue. It is advisable to avoid mascara for 2-3 days before you eyelash extension appointment. 


Any time spent removing mascara or eye shadow is less time spent applying lashes.


Eyelash extension aftercare advice: 


High quality Eyelash Extension glue means can get your lashes wet straight away but use of saunas or hot yoga may cause your lashes to shed more quickly than expected.


General Maintenance:

Do not perm or tint your eyelash extensions

Do not use mechanical or heated curlers on your eyelash extensions

Be gentle with your eyelash extensions - avoid rubbing or touching!

Use oil free makeup remover to clean eyelashes and eye area

Do not use any mascara

Do not use oil based makeup

Never pick or pull at your eyelash extensions


After 2-3 weeks you will notice a slight loss of eyelash extensions.

This is a natural part of your eyelash growth cycle. Your extensions can be maintained with infill appointments which take less time (allow 60 minutes).

Lash removal should only be done by a trained professional.

The human eyelash grows between 7mm and 9mm in length, growing for 30 days and resting for 60 days. After this they start to naturally fall out, and a new growth cycle begins.

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent solution to fuller, gorgeous, and sexier lashes. The permanence is dependent on the client following strict after-care advice at home. To keep your eyelash extensions looking fresh, infill appointments are recommended every 2- 3 weeks.

So, if you want great looking lashes all the time in-fills are necessary, and just like your fingernails and the hair on your head, your individual eyelashes grow out on a continuous cycle of replenishment.

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