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Eyelash Extensions Faqs

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How long do the lashes last?

Your eyelash has a growth cycle of about 4--60 days. When we apply an eyelash extension to your natural lash the hair is about 2-4 weeks into its growth cycle. You will lose 3-7 natural lashes/day. Normally this goes unnoticed however when you have lashes on you may notice it more!

When you come back for a 3 week infill we expect to see around 40-50% of the extensions still on.

If you have oily skin, rub your eyes, sweat, cry a lot or use eye drops you might lose your lashes quicker. We sometimes find people who have a heavier lid that touches the lash line they may also experience a lesser retention of their eyelash extensions. In this case please consider to come back for a shorter 2 week fill rather than waiting to the lashes have fallen out.

lighter than mascara

Our clients often wake up after their eyelash extension treatment and say "oh, I can't even feel them!"

Lash Extensions should not hurt, they should not pull, sting or itch or feel heavy at all. A properly applied eyelash extension set should feel less than when wearing mascara.

Premade Fans _ Premade Volume Fans _ Eye

Not sure what kind of eyelash extensions you want? 
Call/txt us for a chat!

Eyelash Extensions are part of a low maintenance beauty regime, Once your lashes are applied you can enjoy waking up with beautiful eyelashes every day! 

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Melbourne eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions melbourne
Light volume lashes using Rare lash Factory supplies

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