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Eyelash Extensions

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Master eyelash extension artist

Eyelash Artistry is a craft that takes years to get right an were proud to have been offering seamlessly applied eyelash extensions since 2012. Each set of eyelash extension is tailored to compliment and enhance your face and eye shape (not domineer) Using the finest silk fiber, mixing lengths, thicknesses & curls to mimic how real lashes grow.


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Our clients often wake up after their eyelash extension treatment and say "oh, I can't even feel them!"

Lash Extensions should not hurt, they should not pull, sting or itch or feel heavy at all. A properly applied eyelash extension set should feel less than when wearing mascara.

best eyelash extensions melbourne natural


We hold lighter and smaller lashes than most salons even stock. Enjoy longer-lasting lashes with maintaining your optimal lash health to the highest level!


Eyelash extensions require a touch up every 3 weeks and we normally expect to see at least 50% remaining at 3 weeks (which still looks really great and not at all sparse!)

Premade Fans _ Premade Volume Fans _ Eye

Not sure what kind of eyelash extensions you want? 
Call/txt us for a chat!

Eyelash Extensions are part of a low maintenance beauty regime, Once your lashes are applied you can enjoy waking up with beautiful eyelashes every day! 

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