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Eyebrow Threading

Waxing / Threading
Tinting & Henna

Waxing is about being gentle and precise, about being accurate, being perfect and about lessening discomfort soreness or redness.


We us only the highest quality A-grade wax available on the market today. Brow Vado wax is especially formulated for facial waxing which means less redness and potential breakouts, ensuring your skin is free from inflammation. We always use a priming and finishing product for all our hair removal procedures to ensure your experience is as comfortable and as painless as possible.

We also offer facial threading for those with sensitive or damaged skin (or for those who simply prefer threading for their hair removal needs).

We offer both brow and eyelash tinting and henna brows for a longer skin stain. We use a superior Australian brand of tinting products to ensure the best and longest lashing results. 

Please check the booking page for pricing for our facial waxing, threading, tinting and henna services. 

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High quality waxing products ensure a smooth & gentle hair removal experience

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