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Elevate your beauty game with our exclusive Clinic Specials at Glow Factory

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Baby Plasma

Dive into the Future of Beauty with our TGA Approved Plasma Peel! Crafted with precision and backed by science, this revolutionary treatment combines the regenerative power of Enzyme Peel, Dotless Plasma, targeted Serum Infusion, and the illuminating effects of Medical Grade LED. Say hello to a world where collagen induction meets serum absorption for a transformation like never before. Experience a new era of radiant, youthful skin. Embrace the future, embrace your beauty!


Normally $290

Glow Up Spring Peel

Indulge in Spring's Finest Glow, in Just 30 Minutes! Our express treatment is tailored to deliver maximum radiance in minimal time. With peels customized to your unique skin goals and desired downtime, we ensure you leave with that perfect springtime glow. The journey includes a thorough Double Cleanse, a potent Full Strength Chemical Peel, and a targeted Serum Infusion for a revitalized complexion. Want an extra boost?

*Opt for our enriching LED add-on for an additional $50. It's time to let your skin blossom


Plasma fibroblast eyelid surgery.jpg

Plasma Rejuvenation Peel

Experience the Ultimate Transformation with our Full Face Plasma Rejuvenation Peel! This specialized treatment is designed to target pigmentation, refine skin texture, and restore a radiant, even-toned complexion. But that's not all! Elevate your results with the added touch of precision: two areas of Plasma Dot Work for an unparalleled skin-tightening effect. Unleash the power of plasma for a revitalized, youthful you. Embrace the journey towards flawless, luminous skin!


Normally $1740

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