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Lash lift & tint

A low maintenance and more subtle and sexy look to open those eyes and darken those lashes so you don’t even have to wear mascara!

Ditch your curling wand and lengthen your lashes with a gentle lash lift using Australian product. We set them perfectly in place and perm them in a beautiful curl so you can actually enjoy your lash length. A little tint with our glossy blue/black eyelash tint will give your lashes a thicker, darker and longer look. 

 Add a little bit of mascara and people will think you’re wearing false eyelashes.


Lash lift-and-tint involves two separate treatments; a gentle lash perm & tint for fullness and added body. We offer these in the one treatment for the optimum result! All lash lifts are finished with a keratin & biotin treatment leave on treatment to ensure zero damage from our Lash Lifts every time.

The curl achieved by Eyelash Lift & Tint will depend on the natural growth cycle of your lashes. Your eyelash Lift will last for the lift cycle of the lashes we treat. Our clients come back every two months to refresh their lash-lift. 

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Not sure if lash lift or eyelash extensions is for you?

Eyelash Lift-and-tints are a cult favourite for busy women and mummas!

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