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Five Reasons to Get a Spray Tan

If you are new to spray tanning, you’re in for a treat. Many first-timers who have took the leap and have become instant addicts! and for good reason too! If you’re on the fence about getting a spray tan, here are five reasons to give them a try! Just like many things in the beauty industry, Solutions have improved dramatically over the last few years!

1. A Spray Tan Can Bring Out Your Own Beauty

The golden glow you get from a spray tan can really help bring out your own beautiful glow. The bronze tones often brings out the color of your eyes, making them the focal point of your face. The golden look makes the whites of your eyes and your teeth look whiter, too. These are all inherent signs that contribute to a more attractive appearance. 2. A Spray Tan Makes You Look Healthier

Golden skin can make a person more vibrant & health-full. Pale, pasty skin on the other hand, not so much. Gold toned skin helps make you look healthier in general. It makes it look like you’re an active person who spends time outdoors. It makes it look like you get all your vitamins and take care of your body – which Im sure you really do!

3. Spray Tans Give an Instant Boost

There’s no faster or easier way to feel better about the way you look than to getting a spray tan! If you’ve been feeling less than attractive recently, this treatment can give you an instant mood and confidence boost & lifts you up!

4. Spray Tans Help You Avoid UV Rays

They are anti-aging! When you choose a spray tan over a natural tan, you avoid the sun’s UV rays that can cause skin damage like wrinkles, aging, and even melanoma. While having a spray tan doesn’t keep UV rays from penetrating your skin, the simple decision to get a spray instead of lying outside in the sun is the best way to avoid UV exposure you can get.

5. A Spray Tan is Fast

You can get a beautiful spray tan during a work lunch hour, on your way to a meeting, or just before an important social event. lash Factory is now stocking Tuscan tan which is a gorgeous ozzy made formula that has a low amount of make up bronzer in the solution (So you can go back to work and your tan will gradullay develop over the day avoiding any embarrassing extra bronzed tan faces in the office). The process is fast and it takes much around 10-12 minutes . In most cases, with an appointment, you can get in and out of the salon with your new glow in 20 minutes! Now that you’ve read five reasons, you’re ready to book an appointment. Before your appointment, read How to Prep for a Flawless Spray Tan

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